Four ways to pick the perfect family photographer for you {Film Family Photographers Nashville}

Searching for a family photographer

I get it. There are a TON of photographers out there. Chances are, you see beautiful professional family photos of your friends posted on social media all the time, and it’s possible everyone has a referral for their favorite photographer.  At some point, you will have to sift through all those photographers to find just the right one for your family portraits.

One of the biggest deciding factors in selecting the best professional photographer for you is going to be finding one with a style that resonates with you. But how exactly do you pin down what a photographer’s style is? Here are my four best tips for choosing a photographer based on his or her style.

1) Look beyond the surface of their portfolio.

Most photographers spend hours sorting through their photos to select the very best of their work for their portfolio, so you have to take a closer look at their portfolio. When you’re looking at their portfolio, make sure that the quality of the images is consistent, you’re seeing mostly photographs families and children (vs weddings, commercial,  etc). It also never hurts to ask to see a full family portrait gallery before making a decision.

2) Make sure the photographer’s style will stand the test of time.

Your children won’t stay children long, but your photos of them will be around forever, so make sure you select a timeless family photographer, someone who is avoiding trends with posing and editing. A filter or cutesy pinterest idea might look fun now, but it will likely seem very strange down the line, and ultimately take away from your photographs.

3) Look for images that reflect you.

The look of the people, places, and style of the sessions in a photographer’s portfolio should align with your own family vision. If the families and kids within the photographer’s portfolio are similar in size, age, and their personal clothing and/or decorating style is similar to yours, you’re on the right track.

4) Notice the feeling that the images give you.

Take some time to define your personal photography style, then pay close attention to the expressions and connections happening within the photograph. If the feelings you have while looking a photographer’s portfolio don’t resonate with you and your children’s personalities, move on.

Do what works for you

There’s no wrong answer when it comes to a photographer’s style; it’s all a matter of personal preference. For me personally, I define my style as timeless, sophisticated, and heartfelt. You’re likely to find lots of honest photographs of families that cherish each other deeply. I typically work with busy parents of young kiddos. My photography is clean, classic, and full of emotion. Sound like what you’re looking for? Great! Contact me so we can chat more!

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