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Find a family photographer

So you’re on the hunt for a family photographer, but with so many options, how do you pick the right one? One of the biggest deciding factors will be the photographer's style. But, what is the best way to know exactly what your photographer’s style is?  How do you know whose style is the right style for your family portraits? To start, take a close look at their portfolio on their website. Here you should see consistency in composition, editing, and personality of the people in the photographs. If you don’t see that consistency, look elsewhere.

Photographer specializing in family portraits

When you’re on a photographer’s website, you should see mostly family photographs. This is a good sign that your photographer specializes in just families, and therefore is an expert on the subject. This is especially important if you have babies or small children; you want to book a photographer that Is comfortable working with children. If you see lots and lots of different types of photography offerings, your photographer may not give their full attention to family photography.

Family photographer portfolios

While it’s important to take a look at a photographer’s website, portfolios only show part of the picture (pun totally intended!). Photographers have taken the time to comb through hundreds of their photos and post only the best of the best for you to see, so you must look beyond just their portfolio. Reach out to any photographers that you’re considering to discuss your vision, either via email or over the phone. During this time, ask the photographer to send you a link to an entire family portrait session, bonus points if it is a family that is similar in age and size to yours!

A closer look at my work

If you’re considering me as a photographer, let me save you some time and point you in the direction of my family portfolio, my Instagram feed, an a link to my client galleries, so you can take a look for yourself. You’ll find that my work is extremely consistent, and that I specialize in family and children’s portraiture. When you’re ready, contact me to discuss your vision for your family session.

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