Hiring a family photographer - What to look for in photos {Nashville Film Family Photographers}

With so many family and baby photographers out there to choose from, it can be difficult to pin down exactly the right photographer for you. What is even more difficult sometime is defining a photographer’s style.

Look for yourself in a photographer’s portfolio

One way to figure out if a photographer’s style is right for you is to not look at the photographs themselves, but rather the subject matter. The families portrayed in the actual content of the photograph should give you insight to your photographer’s style. Are the families in their portfolio similar in age and size to your own family? Can you see yourself in the people that appear in the photos? For example, if you’re planning a in home lifestyle newborn session with mostly black and white photography, but the majority of the photos that appear in a photographer’s portfolio have more of a posed style or include mostly older children, perhaps you should keep looking.

Hire a photographer that will capture your family’s personality

Recurring emotions are important too! If your kiddos are happy and energetic, and the children that appear in a photographer’s portfolio are full of smiles and laughter, you’re probably on the right track. It's also a good idea to take note of the location scenarios in a photographer’s portfolio. Some photographers shoot strictly outdoors, so if any part of your family session is taking place indoors, you need to make sure your photographer is comfortable and willing to shoot inside.

In the end, there is no right or wrong answer to what style photographer you should hire, as long as they’re a reflection of you!

Nashville Family Photographer

When you’re looking at my family portfolio, you’ll probably notice that most of the photos are filled with lots of sunshine and smiles, and that every emotion feels genuine. Even though I shoot in a variety of scenarios, from outdoors to inside a family’s home, to in my studio, the thing that remains consistent is the honest expressions and heartfelt emotions. Considering a family session for yourself? Contact me so we can discuss your vision and how best to capture your family’s personality.

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