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Capturing the right feeling in family photography

It can be difficult to put into words a style of family photography that you like. After all, photography is a visual concept used to express ourselves when words cannot. However, understanding a little about different photography styles will help you when it comes to your search for the right family portrait photographer.

Define your family photography style

Before you begin your search, take a moment to write down a couple of words that describe your family’s personality. Here are a couple of examples:

Excited, happy, joyful, loved, fun, relaxed, chill, wild, cozy, sophisticated, classic, bright, bold, colorful, etc.

Once you have your list, circle the three that resonate most. As your looking at photographer’s portfolios, see if you can use those three words to describe most of their photos.

Using Pinterest to define your style

Another way to figure out your style preference is to hop on Pinterest. Start a new board, and then search family photography and start pinning! Don’t pin things because the idea in the photo is cute (and watch out for trends!), but rather pin images that you’re drawn to, whether it be the mood, the colors, the feelings, etc. Follow your instincts and pin rapidly without much thought.

When you have a good selection, take a look at the board as a whole. Are the images you pinned all light, happy, and joyful? Or are the images more moody, darker, and cozy? Are the colors bold, bright, and colorful? Or are they mostly black and white? Are the sessions mostly done in outdoor scenes or in a home? And how does that make you feel? As you’re looking at photographer’s portfolios, see how their style lines up with the style of photos you’re drawn to most.

Defining my style

When you’re looking at my portfolio, you should see images that are light and airy, beautiful, timeless, fresh-feeling, and classic. The family sessions in my portfolio are typically either in a sunny outdoor scene with warm tones or photographed on black and white in my simple studio location. No matter where the session takes place, emotions are honest, heartfelt and happy. If that’s the style you’re looking for, then email me so we can chat!

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