Photo Heirlooms for your Family - Matted Folio Albums {Nashville Full Service Photographers}

So you've done it. You have scheduled your family pictures! Not only that, but you have managed to get your family cleaned, dressed in coordinating outfits, and to your session on time, hopefully without too many meltdowns along the way. Yay you!

Now the question remains, now that you have taken all of these family portraits, what will you do with them?

Matted Folios for Family Portrait Session

One quick and easy thing to do with your family photos is to have one of these matted folio albums. you can pick your two favorite images, perhaps one group shot, and one of the kids, and have them both printed on fine art paper. Then, they are added to these beautiful fabric bound folio albums. These albums are handmade, and look absolutely stunning on the outside as well as the inside.

Customize your matted album

The best part about these matted folios, is that you can customize the cover to have your family's name and the year imprinted on it. What a perfect keepsake to have from your family portrait session year after year! If you had one of these to your shelves, imagine the fun you will have pulling them out and comparing them side-by-side to see how your family has grown. Then one day, when the kids have grown and left home, you can present these Fine Art photos to them as a gift, as a reminder of times past.

The perfect gift

Another great things about these matters folios is that they make great gifts. If the grandparents in your life or anything like the grandparents in my kids’ lives, they love having updated photos whenever they can. But, they can't always find room on their walls, or a frame that needs swapping out. With matted folio albums, you can solve those problems. You can give them a real printed photo of your kids each year, and it won't take up additional wall space, or require they switch out a photo in a frame. Instead, these low profile matted albums will sit neatly on their shelf or coffee table, ready to be pulled out and shown off to friends at a moment's notice.

Birthday portrait

Of course, my favorite way to use these matted folio albums is for my Birthday Portraits. Take a look at this example album for my own son’s portraits. I gave my youngest individual attention in my studio, to get pictures of him all by himself, to make him each feel extra special. Then, I ordered him his own special matted folio album with his Fine Art birthday portraits inside. I can't wait to do this for them each year and reminisce about how much they have grown and changed every time I open one of these special albums

Plan your session

If you would like to give this gift to your own child or parents, just email me so we can make it happen.

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