Baby's arrival: Three quick tips for packing for the hospital {Film Birth Photographers Nashville}

Baby’s arrival

As a photographer, I’ve been in the hospital room on many occasions to help welcome a new baby to the world. Sometimes I’m there for the entire experience, and other times I come in a few hours after baby arrives to take some photos of those precious first moments. Having been in so many hospital rooms – and as a mom of two boys myself – I’ve noticed a few things about what you should be thinking about when you pack.

Don’t overpack

If you’ve never had a baby before, it’s impossible to anticipate exactly what you’ll need when he or she arrives. While it’s tempting to pack all the things you’ve been collecting over the past several months so you can finally put it all to use, most of it you won’t need in those first few days. Believe it or not, the hospital provides everything you need to keep that baby alive, from diapers to blankets, bottles/formula (if you choose to go that route), even little baby shirts. So, you don’t have to stress about forgetting something that baby might need! The hospital has your back. Instead, think about the more sentimental items, such as what baby will wear home from the hospital, or if there is an heirloom blanket or special gift you want to give baby right at birth.

Treat yourself

Now that you know baby is taken care of, take some time to focus on yourself, mamas! One of the best items you can get for yourself that is both practical and totally cute is a monogrammed robe. Let’s face it, those hospital gowns are just flat ugly. And to be totally honest, they don’t cover a whole lot either. With a revolving door of visitors, you want to be able to cover up at a moment’s notice, but you also want to have easy access for nursing and skin-to-skin. A nice robe will solve all those problems! And with a monogram, you can feel extra fancy. Bonus tip: look for a robe with pockets, so you can keep up with your phone and a passy!

Stay charged

Double and triple check you have your phone chargers with you! For whatever reason, hospitals seem to zap cell phone charges more quickly than just being at home. Bring your charger so you can let your friends and family know when your little one makes his or her arrival. You can also give your professional photographer a quick call, if you’re planning on birth photography. Mamas, you might not always have a hand on your phone, so make sure daddy knows your photographer’s number, and vice versa.

Birth photography in Nashville

Take a look at these photos from Harriet’s birth. This was my third time to join this family at the hospital as they welcomed a third baby girl! Thinking about birth photography? Contact me and we can see if it’s a fit for you.

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