Nashville Family Photographers - What to wear for fall family photos - Family outfit inspiration

What to wear for family photos

So you've just scheduled your fall family photos... now it's time to think about what to wear! Don't worry- the process doesn't have to be stressful. In this video, I go over a few simple rules to follow, AND I walk you through my process for picking out an outfit for my own family of four.

Tip 1: Don’t over think it!

Family photos shouldn’t be stressful, and neither should picking out the clothes! I'f you’re worrying yourself into a frenzy, take a step back and relax. You got this! And you’ll look great in anything, I promise!

Tip 2: Stay true to your style.

If you tend to be simple, neutral, and classic with your style, don’t go out and buy some wild neon animal print for photos! BUT- If you tend to be bold, colorful, and wild, then by all means, rock that hot pink leopard print!

Tip 3: Go for personality over perfection.

You’re not trying to create a persona of the “perfect” family for your photos… you’re trying to save memories of yourself for the future! So don’t stress about perfection.

Tip 4: Use your home decor as inspiration for colors.

After all is said and done, you’ll want to have some photos displayed in your home, so select colors and textures that will mesh well with your decor.

Sneak Peek

At the end, you also get a little sneak peek at the custom calligraphy Christmas cards that are INCLUDED with my fall mini sessions! Take a look and let me know what you think!