Should I do a baby's first year package? { Nashville Baby Photographers }

Often I get contacted by new and expecting parents who are interested in scheduling a professional photo session for their newborn baby. Then a few months later, I might get a call back. Even though it's only been a few months, that baby has grown and changed exponentially, and now they have a whole new baby on their hands! So we do another session. And then a few months later, the same thing happens.

From birth to one-year photos

The change that happens when the time a baby is born until his or her first birthday is crazy! When a new baby arrives, they cannot even hold up their own heads. Yet by the time their first birthday rolls around, just 12 short months later, they're often walking, saying their first words, and learning to feed themselves. How does this even happen? With so much change going on, it's easy for new mamas and daddies to not even realize how much time has passed right before their eyes. That's where a baby's first year package comes into play.

Schedule professional baby photos

One of the biggest benefits of a baby is that you don't have to keep up with when it's time for babies next milestone. Why? That's my job! Before baby arrives, we can talk about the milestones you want captured. Then, as the year goes on, I'll be sure to tell you when it's time to get baby scheduled. Often, my mama's even will schedule the next session at the end of the last one, so we both have it on the calendar and don't let the moment slip by us.

Keepsake professional photo album for baby

After taking a year’s worth of photos, what will you do with them all? By far, the most popular thing that my clients choose to do is have a fine art album of their baby's first year. We can include photos from every session, for maternity, birth, newborn, all the way through 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, cake smash, etc. Any session that you have during the course of your baby’s first year, we can put into that very special album. Imagine what a gift this will be as you put it in the hands of your child when they are an adult! They will be able to look back on their entire first year and see how special life really was.

Grandparent gift ideas

If your parents are anything like mine, they love your grand-kids. And I mean really love them… to the point where it's kind of a little crazy! My parents and in-laws love anytime  I share photos of our two sons. But typically, I am posting to my social media, and my not-so-tech-savvy mom is always fumbling to pull up her Instagram in order to show off pictures of my boys. With a baby's first year package, I have included a built-in print credit with every session, so you can get beautiful, high-end, fine art prints of your baby to give to your parents. Or, keep them for yourself and frame them all around your home and office.

Start your baby's first your package with a maternity session

If you are expecting, go ahead and get yourself scheduled for a maternity session to start off your baby's first your package. Then we can do as many milestones as you like as the year passes on.  Just remember, I only accept two new babies per month for this special membership, so the sooner you contact me with your baby's due date, the better! Email me here to get the conversation started.

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